Are Devas Real?

If you believe that only ordinary sense information is real, no. Devas and Nature Intelligences are not perceptible by the five limited human senses. Perceptions by intuition, the third eye, inner hearing, and auric or morphogenetic fields are not generally subject to Western consensus reality. They are difficult to evaluate in terms of scientific evidence. The rational mind, as valuable as it is for most worldly concerns, inhibits our human capacity to experience the expansiveness of which we are capable.[1]

But other intangibles that are generally accepted as valid are equally unprovable: love, mind, Presence, God. As Linda Kohanov writes, “The resulting overemphasis on scientific validation leads to a certain ineptitude in the ephemeral realms of emotion, imagination and intuition. If a phenomenon can’t be consistently and predictably measured or recreated in experiments, its existence is often denied.”[2]

Are devas Real, as in the Eternal, beyond Time and Space? Again, no. They are of the world of form, which has a beginning and an end, is mutable and subject to change. They may consist of thought forms, or have characteristics such as beauty, consciousness, intelligence, or take actions such as praising God, emanating light, or holding the vibrations which emerge from the Will of God in a pattern to manifest a particular human, animal or plant form. Thus, they are limited in time and space.

Are they Real as much as anything in the world of form is real, an aspect of Creation, part of the garment of the Creator? Yes. We are participants in Creation through our creative imagination, which clothes the intangible in the familiar, so we can experience it, and relate to it, and learn from our experiences. Deva Communion is for the purpose of expanding our awareness, to overcome the separations the mind makes, so that we can merge in Oneness with the Infinite, beyond all thought, beyond all form.

[1] See Jill Bolte Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight for this neuroscientist’s experience of alternating between the rational left brain and expansive right)

[2] Linda Kohanov. (2001) The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse. Novato, CA: New World Library


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