Body Communication in Deva Communion

Adapted from my Garden Communication posts and poem, with permission. My path has now taken me to work with people’s intelligence and bodies in healing and increased self-awareness: there is a deva of every cell and organ that knows its perfect expression in the world of form, and how it can contribute to the wholeness of your life.

From the tiniest twist in your body image
To the largest expanse of your imagination,
From the most unwelcome aspect of your life
To the most cherished:
Every part of your being
Has intrinsic beauty, intelligence, and worth.
Connecting with it
Honoring and respecting it
Loving it without resistance
Following each process until it teaches you its purpose
Achieves balance
And brings you to radiance and health.

  • Become aware of the special bond you already have with your body and gain more satisfying interactions;
  • Talk to your body parts in health and during disturbance of health, and know when they are talking back;
  • Learn a cooperative and co-creative approach to healing;
  • Overcome prejudices against illnesses and obstacles
  • Learn the wisdom of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • Adopt win-win negotiation strategies;
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of non-violence within your body.

I teach skills with each of these points, and I tell anecdotes that illustrate how they apply to familiar experiences.

The author has been gardening on Findhorn and Theosophical principles since 1977, and using Perelandra principles since 2000. Contact her using the form below for a free consultation or to schedule a class or bodywork session.