Talk with Your Garden

From the tiniest flower
To the largest pumpkin,
From the most ungainly weed
Or compost microorganism
To the hungriest slug,
Every part of your garden
Has intrinsic beauty, intelligence, and worth.
Connecting with it
Achieves balance
And brings radiance to you both.

  • Become aware of the special bond you already have with your garden and gain more satisfying interactions;
  • Talk to plants and know when they are talking back;
  • Learn a cooperative and co-creative approach to gardening;
  • Overcome prejudices against weeds and insects;
  • Adopt win-win negotiation strategies (see Insect Communication and Cooperation page);
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of non-violence in your backyard.

I have taught these classes to children and adults, novice and experienced gardeners. I teach skills with each of these points, and I tell anecdotes that illustrate how they apply to familiar experiences. As an example of the first point about garden bonding, here is a post on Love and a Green Thumb, with notes for applications to healing your body:

Love and a Green Thumb


Rosi has been gardening on Findhorn and Theosophical principles since 1977, and using Perelandra principles since 2000. Learn Deva Communion principles to gain cooperation from and learn communion with Nature, for personal or planetary healing.