Love and a Green Thumb

Many people complain–“I don’t have a green thumb. I can’t get anything to grow.” The charm and magic of a green thumb is cooperating with the intelligence in plants. Half is knowledge or information about the needs and cycles of plants. The other half is love. I leave the information part to you and your Google search, public library or bookstore. I will address the heart issues here.

Most people who find they have a green thumb love their gardening, and most of them talk to the plants. They may not admit it until they are 90 years old, have dementia and don’t care what anyone thinks of them, but nearly every elderly gardener I have worked with talks to their plants.

You don’t need to talk out loud to your plants, especially if you garden in an urban setting, have nosy neighbors, and are worried that they might doubt your sanity. You can speak softly, or even silently. Plants don’t hear the spoken word so much as the language of the heart.

Ladybug loves fennel

I am not referring to the discardable love of movies. Rather, the real love that is needed to open up a two-way communication with anyone, especially with the plant world. Because plants can tell a phony from the real thing. One example is Marion who keeps thinking she needs to go home to her deceased parents and husband. She is a lifelong gardener, really loves plants, especially vegetables, but doesn’t like to talk about the mushy stuff, and has a great sense of humor. She transplants lettuce starts or tomatoes, and then says “Grow, damn you!” in a commanding voice. They sometimes grow better than the plants that I speak kindly to. They are listening to Marion’s lifelong love.

The author has been gardening on Findhorn and Theosophical principles since 1977, and using Perelandra principles since 2000. Contact her through the form below to schedule a class or enjoy a bodywork session using Deva Communion principles to discover what’s really happening in your body, and learn cooperation and communion with your body’s innate intelligence.
Loving Your Garden